The Orc is on the Loose

Peak a BooWell, it was quiet but it still happened. An Orcish Kind of Hero is once again available to purchase on Itch.IO. With this release, I am trying something new.

It is a standard model these days that you can buy a partially completed game and then you get downloadable content to finish it off. This is not a bad thing, but usually DLC costs money. I am going to switch things up a little bit. An Orcish Kind of Hero is being sold for $0.99 and it currently contains 10 fully playable levels. Here is where things get interesting.
All updates for the game, for the entire life of the game, are going to be offered for free. The price of the game, however, is going to change as it grows. There is no set model for how often the price will increase, or by how much, but it will happen from time to time. What this means is that you can buy the game now for $0.99 and watch it grow, or you can wait until it has 100 levels and then get the game for $9.99 (values are examples and not price guarantees). The choice is yours.

End of Level TotemNo matter when you buy it though, I would love to hear what you think of it. Use #OrcishHero on twitter to talk about it or drop a message on the Mordavian’s Games facebook page. If you send me a link to a Let’s Play video on YouTube I might even help spread the word. Who knows what might happen!