Road Rage in Space

Road Rage in Space is a quick reaction game where you have to pilot your ship through rush hour traffic in space. Make sure to follow the rules of the road, though, or else you might get in trouble!

Jump into the cockpit and see how how far you can make it along that interstellar highway. Dodge around other ships while jumping over meteors and satellites. Watch out!

Project Description:

This game was a project that I started in order to work through the process of re-skinning a game that was already 95% finished, as well as putting the final polishing touches on to get it ready for release. I worked together with a 2d artist giving direction on what graphics were still needed, giving artistic direction as well as keeping the project moving forward. The priority was on getting enough of the graphics changed so that the game could start testing, and polishing it as the play testing was progressing. This means that the first test version only had the planets as background objects and it was still a “street” instead of an “interstellar highway”.

In addition to working with the artist and pushing the game towards release, I also had to work on monetizing the game so that it had the chance to make a profit without overwhelming the player with so many ads that they don’t want to play it any longer, as so many games these days do. Additionally, I had to decide on prices for the new ships so that they were attainable with a large amount of work, or affordable for a reasonable price.

The game has not been marketed and was more about getting a first look at the work involved in a re-skinning and release, and less about making a profit with it. The experience was payment enough for it, but if someone does find it and decides to play I would be ok with that too.

Release Information:
  • Status: Released
  • Platform: Android
  • Release Date: October 12, 2021
  • Engine: Unity 3D

My Role:

  • Art Direction
  • Monetization
  • Release Preparation
  • Finalization